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We have scoured the globe and sourced only the best of the best in Accessories & Handling Equipment in the glass industry. We are proud to be the agents of a select number of brands whose experience and quality is unsurpassed

Research Meets Passion

Loxeal Srl is an Italian company that since the early 1980s has been producing and distributing a wide range of technologically advanced adhesives and sealants, mainly for industrial use, and provides a series of cutting-edge solutions for their application.

Our Research and Development is constantly engaged not only in developing new technologically advanced products but also in minimizing the impact they may have both on humans and on the environment.


The Glass-working Specialists

RBB, a renowned specialist in the production of machines and equipment for the glass industry, is proud to present a comprehensive range of sheet glass lifting, working and storage devices.


The Clever Laminating Film

The Folienwerk Wolfen company is a pioneer in the processing of EVA films. Ethylene-vinyl acetate, or EVA, is a copolymer best known for its outstanding resistance to heat and aging.

Premium evguard® laminating film is the latest development from Folienwerk Wolfen and is tailored especially to the high demands of architecture and interior design.

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