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Consists of automatic machines for the cutting of thick, bullet-proof and laminated glass sheets. The load-bearing structure is in hot-galvanised steel and is designed to eliminate the vibration that can alter cutting quality. Two independent rubber-lined conveyors allow the sheet to advance in the vertical cutting position.

The RBB cutting machine range includes units for vertical cutting only and two models for vertical and horizontal cutting.

Vertical cutting units:

  • DK 2400

  • DK 3600

  • DK 4000


These can be equipped, at the customer’s request, with an automatic measuring unit featuring electronic control and display.

Vertical and horizontal cutting units:

  • DK 2400/VH

  • DK 6000

RBB 670.2HM

Drill for concave and convex glass sheets.

RBB 1000.2H

Glass drill with manual regulation of diamond tool speed.

RBB 1065

Glass drill with automatic regulation of diamond tool speed.

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